Our Vision

Bring people together. Build bridges across all cross sections of society. Promote understanding between all faiths and cultures.

Our Mission

Bringing all faiths together in order to foster respect, instill dignity and promote compassion and understanding for all.

About Us

The Memphis Interfaith project started in 2007 as a dinner with the intention of bringing people of all faiths together to break bread.

Recent Posts

Anwers to Questions by Mid-South Food Bank’s Marcia Wells

In Memphis, specifically, why are there so many hungry people? Is it money? Logisitcs? Access? – Where is the biggest need from this room? Money or time?

Memphis has a high poverty rate, due to a number of factors including the lack of major employers with good paying jobs, low education levels, declines in farming and agriculture businesses (the industry Memphis was built on) and the slow rate of economic recovery. Poverty and hunger go hand in hand…….

In Memoriam

Past attendees and regular supporters who are sadly no longer with us.    


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